At CLS we have established a proven track record in carrying out major demolition projects since 1972. Our capabilities extend across multiple sectors and contract values.

We operate both as Principal Contractor and Subcontractor dependant on the client’s requirements.

Through diligent planning and a skilled workforce we believe that CLS are the perfect partner for any project across any sector.

Involving CLS as your chosen partner at the early planning stages of your project will allow us to gain a greater understanding of the project enabling us to propose and develop innovative solutions, plan and mobilise resources and manage risks to accelerate delivery and reduce costs.

Through our experience over a huge range of projects under a variety of constraints we can propose alternative and innovative products and solutions whilst advising on buildability and phasing strategy.

Our team are committed to maintaining our proven track record for Health & Safety. This means you can trust CLS to deliver in all areas of your project.

Our own plant fleet and our ability to deliver all but the most specialist types of work in house provides us with the greatest amount of control over the quality of our product completed to an agreed programme.